Dance Partner for Life . . . .

Update – February 26, 2012

As I went back and read this post and applied to my future with my own precious Dance Partner for Life, I realized how blessed I am to have found such an incredible man, who is willing to take on all of these roles in my life, to the best of his abilities, and to do such with total love, compassion and understanding in his heart!!

In an exercise last month I had the opportunity to share with someone near and dear to my heart what love looks like to me.  The exercise is set up so that one person asks the other person the question again and again after each response until time is up and then the roles are reversed.  Every time I have done this exercise, or something similar, the questions are always different so I never know what’s coming – fun, right?

Well, this time the question was “What does love look like to you?”  As the answers were stated and the question asked again, I slowly shifted from thinking about the answers to feeling the answers . . . some would say I got out of my head and into my heart.  The last answer I gave before time was up, was “A Dance Partner for Life.”

Dance Partner for Life sounds beautiful and romantic on the surface yet over the last month I’ve spent time reflecting on what this truly means to me and I am taking this opportunity to share my reflections and insights from a much deeper level . . .

When dancing ~

The man leads . . . hmmmmm, you mean I’d let go of control and actually trust someone else to make decisions about what direction to go and what steps to take to get there?

The man’s role is to make his partner look good . . . so now I want a man who puts me first?

The man sets the pace . . . back to that concept of surrendering and giving up control?

The woman follows . . . whether its in steps, spins or direction, I’m back to trusting my partner to keep me safe?

Committed dancers never stop practicing . . . so now I get to always be improving?

Committed dancers seek new steps, dances & moves . . . great – no taking it easy & being content here, huh?

Dance Partners develop an incredible non-verbal communication style and move with ease and grace – even when one partner makes a mis-step or falls.

Imagine a relationship that looked like this . . . what shifts can you make within you to bring this gift to your relationships?


About Kristina Arias - Life Coach

Kristina is a Life Coach who moved to Colorado Springs, CO in June 2012 and living in Arizona for 29 years. She enjoys the variety of outdoor activities that are a short drive away - hiking, camping, boating and more. Kristina has raised 2 sons, who both still live in the Phoenix-Metro Area. Over the last 20 years, Kristina had a successful career in Real Estate, shifting from Property Management to Residential Real Estate Sales to owning her own team and brokerage. During this journey, Kristina was introduced to the coaching world and became a certified Business Coach within the Keller Williams coaching system. With a sincere passion for empowering others to achieve their dreams, Kristina is a graduate of Klemmer & Associates Leadership Seminars, volunteers within this same program supporting new students & teens in their personal growth journey, and is in the process of becoming a Certified Professional Coach through the International Coaching Academy. With 1000's of hours of coaching experience, Kristina has developed a unique coaching style with a focus on her clients' self-discovery of their goals & dreams and what is holding them back from accomplishing them.
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1 Response to Dance Partner for Life . . . .

  1. Rosanna says:

    Incredible insight!!! Love it!!!

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