Arthroscopic Surgery or Ignore the Pain?

As with most of these moments, I was having a conversation the other day . . . . and after I made a comment, I heard myself say “That would make a great blog post!” So, here I am again sharing something that originally was said in passing and that I realized upon reflection was actually quite profound.

How many of us have had some type of physical injury – whether a twisted ankle, torn cartilage in the knee, messed up shoulder? I know some of my earliest memories are of bumps and bruises – some of my own doing and others at the hands of my siblings or friends or maybe even the playground!! Many of these bumps and bruises, especially as a child, healed over a short period of time and most without leaving evidence that they were even there. As I’ve gotten older, the bumps and bruises hurt worse, take longer to heal, leave more evidence and sometimes don’t seem to heal at all or come back at just the slightest twist or turn in the wrong way. Technology has gotten better over time and now we can drop by the hospital for a quick out-patient arthroscopic surgery and minimal to no physical therapy to rehab.

I wonder how many of us look at our emotional life with this same perspective?  A few bumps and bruises as a child at the “hands” of our siblings, friends, parents?  Did they really heal so quickly as our physical bodies?  They certainly didn’t leave any physical evidence that we were wounded or hurt?  I would even go so far as to suggest that the wounds and the pain from our emotional bumps and bruises went deeper than any of our physical ones and that they were permanent  . . . while leaving absolutely no trace that they were ever even there.  Maybe a tear here or a harsh word spoken in retaliation there – but no lasting evidence.  And just as a torn piece of cartilage in our knee irritates us over time, just below the surface, until we can’t stand the pain and aggravation anymore . . . so too our hurt feelings, emotional wounds and injustices sit right below the surface, pushing our buttons, controlling our emotional reactions to people, circumstances and relationships.  Until one day, if we don’t take action and have emotional arthroscopic surgery, our emotionally injured “knee” gives out and life stops “working” for us.

I have been on a conscience path of personal growth and inner healing for over a decade now and every new book and seminar and speaker has added a piece to the puzzle for me . . . and I have been thoroughly enjoying the journey!!  And I know that I will continue to enjoy the journey towards becoming the best Kristina I can be for the rest of my life . . . as one of my mentors always says, “I will not arrive until they put the first shovel of dirt on my casket.”  And I plan to live the rest of my days exploring and learning and discovering new things on this wonderful adventure God has put in front of me.

With all of that said, I am excited to have discovered another piece to the puzzle at an inner healing seminar I attended a few weeks ago!!  I discovered a “surgery” practice that actually allows us, with the guidance and assistance of the Holy Spirit, to go into the place of the wound and heal the wound forever!  It is not ugly, messy surgery either . . . it is beautiful, graceful, arthroscopic-style surgery that is guided by the hand of God as if He is looking at the video screen and what the camera is projecting and He is showing and telling us what to do to heal the wound . . . what a wonderful gift this new piece of the puzzle is!!!!


About Kristina Arias - Life Coach

Kristina is a Life Coach who moved to Colorado Springs, CO in June 2012 and living in Arizona for 29 years. She enjoys the variety of outdoor activities that are a short drive away - hiking, camping, boating and more. Kristina has raised 2 sons, who both still live in the Phoenix-Metro Area. Over the last 20 years, Kristina had a successful career in Real Estate, shifting from Property Management to Residential Real Estate Sales to owning her own team and brokerage. During this journey, Kristina was introduced to the coaching world and became a certified Business Coach within the Keller Williams coaching system. With a sincere passion for empowering others to achieve their dreams, Kristina is a graduate of Klemmer & Associates Leadership Seminars, volunteers within this same program supporting new students & teens in their personal growth journey, and is in the process of becoming a Certified Professional Coach through the International Coaching Academy. With 1000's of hours of coaching experience, Kristina has developed a unique coaching style with a focus on her clients' self-discovery of their goals & dreams and what is holding them back from accomplishing them.
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