About Kristina Arias and her Vision

Welcome and thank you for checking out my blog!

If your coming from my website www.kristinaarias.com then enjoy my updates on my blog.  If you’ve found my blog on WordPress or online then Here is a little bit about me and the purpose of my blog.  I have spent the last 20 years immersed in the real estate industry – from managing apartment complexes to being an individual real estate agent to owning my own real estate team and brokerage.  Through this journey, I was introduced to the world of coaching through Keller Williams and their in-house coaching program.  I completed their MAPS coaching training program and spent hours being coached and coaching others over the last 5 years.

In the last couple years, I found that I had a passion for empowering others – not just in making their next real estate decision, but in discovering what they wanted their life to look like and then creating it.  It seemed so natural for me – rather than interviewing someone about what they wanted their next home to look like, I started asking them what they wanted their life to look like.  Simple, right?  It amazed me – people had an easier time describing their next home, the furniture, the paint color and the landscaping then telling me what their hopes and dreams were and what those looked like.

In this, I had a startling realization – I couldn’t answer this question any better than my real estate clients!!  How could I ask them to dream and create if I wasn’t able to do what I was asking them to do?  So, I took myself on and started by asking myself this question – Kristina, if you could design your life like you designed your home, what would it look like?  The sad truth?  Two years ago, I couldn’t answer this question and so began my journey to find the answers.

The journey has taken many turns and certainly didn’t end up looking anything like I thought it would.  Go figure, right?  Starting with an external search, I read books, attended training, asked other people what they thought, sought spiritual advice through leadership at church, and more.  On this search, I discovered something amazing – the answers weren’t “out there” – they were within me the entire time!  Who knew it could be so easy?  Except, finding the answers within was even more challenging for me than searching the world for my answers.  I discovered that I was lacking a self-awareness around who I wanted to be and the life I wanted to live.  I could answer the question “What don’t you want?” but I had absolutely no clue how to answer the “What do you want?”  And if I did have an answer, it was very general – I want to be happy, I want a healthy relationship, I want to be financially independent, I want to be in shape, I want to be successful . . . sounds great, right?

Here’s the problem – what does happiness look like?  what is a healthy relationship?  what is financial independence?  what does in shape look like?  what does success mean?  The answer?  Something different to everyone of us – depending on our life experience and our own personal goals and dreams.

So, here on my blog, I will be sharing the awareness that I have gained through finding my answers to these questions and more.  What I won’t be sharing?  My answers to these questions.  Why wouldn’t I share my answers?  One of my mentors over the years shared this insight with me – We all have answers, and they may even be great answers.  However, mine are MY answers and they might work for you for a little while.  When they stop working for you, you have the opportunity to blame me.  If you take the time to find your own answers, then you get to take ownership of the results, just as I have taken ownership of mine.

Thank you for sharing this journey of self-discovery and awareness with me.  If you are interested in becoming a coaching client or have questions or feedback, please reach out and post on my blog or shoot me an email.

Let the adventure begin . . . .


1 Response to About Kristina Arias and her Vision

  1. Hi Kristina! I am looking so forward to reading your blog! Even what you have written has encouraging components in it for me. Now, instead of my daily mantra, “Today I love myself totally and allow myself the moments I need to nourish my self, woman and child,” I can ask myself the following (it never felt quite right to me):
    What does loving myself daily look like?
    What does allowing myself moments look like?
    What does nourishing my self, woman and child look like?
    The answers, of course, I will not find anywhere other than within me.
    Thanks so much for being a part of my journey of self discovery both here and in the past. I will heed the advice you were given….I imagine it came from someone very important 😉


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