Gratitude Journal

In order to stay focused on all of the positive experiences in my life, I am committed to sharing my gratitude journal through this site and will update it often in addition to my blog entries . . . enjoy!!!

May 18, 2011 – Gratitude Journal

Today I am grateful for the amazing group of friends I have attracted into my inner circle, my faith, my vision for my coaching business, my health, my humor, my insight & intuition, the relationship T & I have built over the last decade and my continued spiritual growth

November 17, 2011 – Gratitude Journal Update

Amazing how times flies!  To be honest, updating my gratitude journal every 6 months is a step up from my every few years that I have done previously  🙂  Today I am grateful for so many things – the faith & trust that my God has in me, my amazing and loving fiancé, the completion of my first book, my newly learned ability to listen to all 4 aspects of my beingness, the unbelievable friends that have come into my life, the opportunities ahead of me – B&B in Colorado Springs, Published Author, Full Time Coach, College Student, Wife, Mother, Inner Healing Ministry – just to mention a few!!!


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